Drachenheim Estate

An urban estate in the Free City of Freiburg


An urban manor in the Free City of Freiburg. It consists of a modest but substantial manor house and private dock overlooking the Tuttenburg Bridge. The manor is supported by the fees from a series of commercial docks on the Der Rostrum. The Drachenheim Docks are the favorite of the Vendel League as they are well maintained, patrolled, and reasonably priced.


The Drachenheim estate is the ancestral home of the Drachenheim family of the Stein—now known as Freiburg. It was held in the family for 100 years and in other realted families for 500 years before that. It was recently lost due to mismanagement by Jeremy Drachenheim and taken by his creditors upon his death. It passed through several hands in recent years and its name has lost most of its luster. The deed has most recently fallen into the hands of the Explorer’s Society who have offered it to a young Drachenheim scion named Gunter Herrmann in return for investigating an island for them.

Drachenheim Estate

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