The Kire

An giant Eisen whom the party freed from prison. He has turned privateer on the Jack Fox


A giant black haired wall of muscle who constantly refers to himself in the 3rd person. “The Kire is among you!” he exclaims as he enters the room. He is loud, jovial, and rough but is also of noble birth an capable of courtly manners when necessary. He is a journeyman of the Eisenfaust school with the distinction of customarily wielding an axe for the traditional broadsword. Personally the Kire is actually a bit quiet. He perks up in public and when things are happening but in down-times on long voyages, he keeps to himself, reads, and works out to maintain his massive bulk.


A giant Eisen who the party freed from La Serre prison in Montaigne when they were working with Lord Conrad Hicks to free his brother Aaron. When the party encountered the Captain of the Guard in the escape tunnels, the Hicks made their escape but the Kire and Jacque Renault stayed to aid the party. Jacque perished in the fight but the Kire remained to fight back to back with Serilda holding the line in the Battle of La Serre.

Once the battle was over the Kire volunteered to Captain the party’s new vessel the “Jack Fox” and its crew of newly freed prisoners, and safeguard their interests. In return Gunter, Serilda, and Finn used their connections in the Avalon court to arrange a letter of Marque for the Kire as a “recognized” privateer. The Kire and the Jack Fox then took off in search of the traitorous Lord Hicks and his brother who were once again calling themselves “The Blackstone Pirates.” The Kire, along with Fabien and Arias, found them off the coast of Eisen. They engaged them briefly but were interrupted by a Montaigne flotilla looking for revenge for La Serre. After a second sea battle outnumbered 2 to 1 the Arias, Fabien, and the Kire defeated the flotilla, capturing significant military equipment, before returning to Avalon.

Now the Kire is a part-time merchant captain, part time privateer, part time high seas chauffeur for the Drachenhiems. He is always there when they need him and does not seem to be skimming too much from the profits so the relationship seems to be working well.

The Kire

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