Serilda FitzAlbert

Swordswoman of Eisen, journeyman of the Drexel School, wielding s dreaded zweihander.


Serilda is hard to describe physically. She is 6 feet tall and muscular yet strikingly beautiful with features and a figure that would be the envy of any Lady in Waiting. Although her features are largely Eisen there are hints of another heritage as well. Besides her Avalonian red hair, her skin is too perfect, and her figure too shapely, but the most striking feature is the look in the eyes that betrays her Sidhe blood. Many swordsmen are unnerved by that look that is slightly unnatural yet deadly competent.


Serilda is the product of a brief, passionate affair between Baron Adalbert Herrmann and a Sidhe blooded Avalonian noblewoman. Both her parents eventually married someone else and had sons therefor Serilda is the older half-sister of both Gunter Herrman and Lord Finn McCumhal. Serilda’s Sidhe blood gives her a unique look on life, a long view, and while she appears to be only 20 years old she has been living the mercenary swordsman guild life for over 10 years now.

Although Serilda has attended swordsman school, academy, and finishing school she is not really suited to courtly life. She has distinguished herself both as a swordswoman and a soldier her greatest fame comes from holding the line and turning the Battle of La Serre in favor of the prisoners. Serilda is also famed for being the champion of her younger half brother Finn McCool, and has often fought to uphold their family honor.

Serilda FitzAlbert

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