Pierre du Beaumaindroit

The new Duc du Beauxmandroit arch-nemesis of the party and the cause of most of their misfortunes.


An overly pretty young Montaigne nobleman with a slight build and sharp features. He is typical of the court of Leon XIV in that he is spoiled, sarcastic, pouty and rather effeminate yet considered a great ladies man, especially for a 16 year old. He has dark brown hair worn long in Montaigne fashion and smooth skin without a touch of facial hair. He is of medium height and quite thin but well built as he is something of a prodigy as a swordsman.


Pierre is the 4th Duc du Beauxmaindroit, a minor accomplishment for an up and coming former gentry family such as his. His father singled out the embassy position held by Dalbert du Archembeaux and started a political smear campaign that resulted in the Archembeaux’s disgrace and the Beauxmaindroit inheriting the position. The family also rose to power in the war on Castille where Pierre’s father came to glory but eventually met his end at the point of Adalbert Herrmann’s sword. Pierre has since sworn revenge on Adalbert and his family (the party).

Although he personally could care less, he is also hated by the de Herrera family as he inherited their lands that were captured by his father in the Montaigne/Castille war. He currently resides in the Herrera Ranchero where the staff despises him. He is considering returning to Montaigne because the climate in Castille does not seem to agree with him. Actually he is being given a mild laxative almost daily by the kitchen staff in the hopes of getting him to leave.

Pierre du Beaumaindroit

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