The Drachenheim Saga

The Captain's Launch

Lord Hicks tells of the Blackstone Pirates

Lord Conrad Hicks was extremely grateful for their heroic stand that bought him time to escape. He swears that if the party can help him to free his brother from a Montaigne prison called La Serre, we will make sure they get to the island on time.

“You see I was not always Lord Conrad Hicks. I used to be just plain old Conrad Blackstone, and together with me brother Aaron we were the Blackstone Pirates. We used to each have a vessel, but Aaron lost his in the battle against the Armada and we both got pretty messed up. We did get knighted and everything though. Being Lord Hicks didn’t go so well for me though. I’m not really that good at business. I sold my pirate barque to get the Drake, and she was never very yar. I lost most of my fortune and even my guild license because people didn’t like how I trade. Aaron got caught 3 years ago by the Montaigne for smuggling and is in La Serre. I’ve been paying 50 guilder a month to make sure he’s well treated but now’s just the time to free him. You see we buried most of the treasure we got form the Armada war. We were still Blackstone then and no one would give us a trade account. I have the map and Aaron has the coordinates. If we break him out we can pick up my treasure, buy a new ship, and I’ll get y’all to your island and back safe and sound.”

“I have been thinking of this jailbreak for a while now. La Serre is an island that is only accessible by land during low tide. It really isn’t even accessible by boat at high tide due to the rocks and shoals. I paid one of those fancy boys at Luthon to do some research on how to get in the prison all quiet like, and he finally found one. Apparently some old salt managed to escape La Serre about 50 years ago and write a book about it. It went down with the Drake but it’s all up here.” Conrad says as he taps the side of his head. “We just need to find the back way in through the worst of the tide pools. No one would be expecting this back way in, it is only available at the spring low tide.”



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