The Drachenheim Saga

The Battle of La Serre

The prison break becomes a full scale battle.

With no other avenues of escape but one and only gate, the party collected their thoughts and formulated a plan. The escaped prisoners had armed themselves and stormed out of the prison but had been stopped on the land-bridge between the prison and the village by the guardsmen and the county militia. With their only means of escape cut off, Finn gave a stirring soliloquy to rally the troops and Gunter lead them to take the bridge and escape.

At first the battle went poorly as the ill trained and equipped prisoners were not fast enough to react to the guardsmen & militia’s organized assault. But as the troops were falling back Serilda and The Kire, fighting back to back, held the line and rallied the fleeing prisoners. Finn picked up the fallen banner and led the reserve unit of reluctant prisoners-warriors into battle and helped to turn the tide. Gunter led his main unit into the center of the enemy line and met the Warden of La Serre in single combat. In the end Gunter was victorious and the corrupt Warden lay dead on the field. The county militia tried one last push to keep the prisoners in but it failed as Serilda and her zweihander eviscerated the militia captain and scattered his forces. By the end of the hour Gunter and his prisoner army had won the field and militia retreated to town.

Many of the prisoners who were freed were Avalonian privateers who were captured by the Montaigne Navy and not been allowed their knightly status and opportunity for ransom as gentleman sailors due to Montaigne’s hatred of Queen Elaine’s “privateers.” Once freed these prisoners confiscated the local militia barque and took the party back to Avalon. Once there the party cashed in the Warden’s letter of Marque (that he had acquired from years of taking bribes from the families of prisoners) and purchased a sloop for their now loyal crew of freed privateers. The Kire volunteered to captain the vessel and look after their investment on the condition that they name it after his fallen friend Jacque Renault. They and the crew agreed but gave the name an Avalonian twist dubbing the vessel the Jack Fox. The party used their connections in the Court of Avalon to secure a letter of Marque and Reprisal for the Kire and crew as “official” privateers.



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