The Drachenheim Saga

Betrayal at La Serre

Freeing the prisoners at La Serre

It took three days at sea in the small launch to reach their destination, the village of Estreaux overlooking the island prison of La Serre. Due to their wounds in the battle against the pirates, Fabien and Arias had to rest in the inn while Gunter, Serilda, and Finn went with Lord Hicks to rescue his brother Aaron at the prison.

They waited till the dark of night then went out to sea in the small launch and aproached the prison from the tide pools in the back. Swimming through the bottom of the lowest tide pool they reversed the steps Lord Hicks had found in the book he had found and made their way into the prison through a system of tunnels that were normally full of water but were empty because of the unusually low tide.

At the end of the natural caverns they found disturbing room carved in to the rock. It was marked by blood and had strange symbols on the floor as if it had been used for dark rituals in the past, but it appeared long abandoned.

They entered the prison itself through a fissure in the ceiling of the ritual room which led to a loos tile under the desk of the captain of the guard who was thankfully out of his office. While searching the office they discovered that every guard and militiaman was called up for this weekend as a hundred new prisoners were being brought in from the mainland of Montaigne at dawn that morning. Therefor over 50 prisoners were being executed at dawn to make room for they new batch. Finn attempted a distraction but failed the party had to fight a dozen guardsmen on the first floor of the prison. This occurred just as the new prisoners arrived so the guardsmen waiting outside did not notice.

Unbeknownst to the party, before they arrived the Captain of the Prison Guard had seen the fattest hare he’d ever encountered in his life that night as he was waiting for the new prisoners. He had nothing better to do and followed it as the beast ran around the secret back entrance to the prison that was mentioned in Lord Conrad’s book. The captain found that entrance and had organized a group of men to go blast the rock and seal it off. Lord Hicks knew of this land based entrance, as opposed the tide pool entrance he used with the party but planned on using it to ditch the heroes and leave them stranded on the island, hoping the guard would waste time hunting them allowing he and his brother could escape. Since the captain was busy there was only half the crew needed to organize the new prisoners for the hanging so the commotion kept everyone distracted.

The party proceeded to the second floor of the prison where they encountered an overcame another dozen guardsmen led by another lieutenant. In this battle Serilda shocked and terrified the guardsmen as she cut one of their fellows completely in two with her zweihander as he charged her on the stairs. Her exploits caught the attention of an enormous Eisen prisoner who constantly refered to himself as “the Kire”. “The Kire is impressed!” he bellowed. “Set him free and the Kire will make the guardsmen feel his wrath.” “The Kire misses his panzerhand. . .” Following this battle the party freed all 200 prisoners on the remaining levels and had a brief moment to chat with Aaron Hicks, the Kire and his friend Jacque Renault. In the mass confusion from the freeing of all the prisoners the party and the three noble prisoners escaped back to the fissure under the desk in the Captain’s office.

Once they got the ritual room however, the Captain and his guardsmen were waiting for them. The Captain challenged the party to produce a swordsman to challenge him and Serilda accepted. Although he was a competent Valroux swordsman he fell to Serilda’s versatile Drexel style and her dreaded Zweihander. The remaining guardsmen then charged in an a large melee ensued. In the confusion Lord Hicks and his brother slipped away and abandoned the party. The Kire and Jacque remained behind to assist the party but it cost Jacque his life. Gunter had been wounded and Jacque came to his rescue taking on 7 men and his own but fell to a deadly lunge form a guardsmen who was an excellent Tout-a-Pres swordsman. Gunter then slew the guardmen and the Kire’s berserker fury at the death of his friend carried the day. At the close of the battle, with the Kire loudly mourning the loss of his “ruken” or brother in arms, there was a loud explosion. Lord Conrad and his brother had used the explosives the Captain had brought to seal the party in the tunnels.

With no other escape available below, the party returned to the prison above and did a quick search of other offices. They found a similar loose tile in the warden’s office but it revealed a safe that when opened contained a letter of marque for 20000 guilders and many travel and identification papers. While overjoyed for their new wealth the party was also surrounded by guards and militia as the prison break came to halt inside the fortified courtyard.



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