The Drachenheim Saga

Black Bird and the Black Cross

1st Adventure in the Saga

While on their way to the ship booked for them by Fabien’s aunt the Marquessa De Bisset, the young heroes were stopped by a man from the shadows who introduced himself as Kirkendahl. He had just slain a man who had been spying on the party and warned of an ambush ahead. He asked the party to allow him to inspect the item before giving it to Madame Bisset, in case the item was to dangerous to fall into the hands of the rather indiscriminate Explorer’s Society. Gunter responded that they would consider his request and Kirkendahl left, but not before revealing the Black Cross that he wore, signifying that he is a member of Die Kreuzritter—The Black Crosses.

With Kirkendahl’s warning the party was able to dispatch the ambushers with relative ease. The day was carried by Arias’ incredible whirling Soldano style and the lone survivor revealed that the group had been hired by a dark haired young empty-headed nobleman from Beaumaindroit. He also revealed that they had been watching the party for two weeks (ever since thee earthquake that had uncovered the ancient fortress) The party then boarded the ship called The Drake and prepared to set sail for a couple of mainland ports before moving on to the island. As the ship slipped out of the harbor on the foggy evening tide young Finn encountered a strange Raven with red eyes.

The bird turned out to be a pixie in disguise sent to harass Finn by his former lover, the Sidhe noblewoman Una. The raven bewitched a pirate captain and led his crew through the fog to the drake. After a titanic battle in which, Arias, Fabien, and Finn were wounded the Drake was lost and young heroes were in dire peril until Serilda’s brute force and tenacity turned the tide and the heroes were able to save the fleeing Captain Hicks. Now together with the Captain, the heroes are on their way to Montaigne to free Lord Hick’s brother from prison and gain a new passage to the rocky island where the Drachenheim destiny awaits.



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