The Drachenheim Saga

The Jack Fox and the Nightingale

Arias, Fabien, and the Kire face the Blackstone Pirates on the High Seas

With Gunter, Serilda, and Finn all wounded at the battle of LaSerre the Kire took Arias and Fabien, who having missed the battle were now recovered, and went looking for the double-crossing Lord Conrad Hicks and his brother Aaron. They looked for them on them on the Eisen coast and after 4 days finally found them. They had apparently recovered their lost treasure, because they had a new ship and they seemed to have given up being Lord Hicks as they were flying their old flag they used when they were the “Blackstone Pirates.” The brothers and their ship the Nightingale, engaged the Jack Fox in a game of cat and mouse for an entire day until they finally met off the coast of Montaigne. There they engaged in a battle and had even boarded each other when in the midst of the melee a flotilla of three Montaigne Naval vessels appeared looking for both of them.

Fabien and Arias were locked in a duel with Aaron and Conrad as the Montaigne forces arrived. The Hicks (who have now returned to their given name of Blackstone) took the opportunity to escape leaving the Jack Fox to face the approaching flotilla. In pitched battle the Jack Fox emerged victorious and the remaining flotilla ships pursued the Blackstones. The Jack Fox returned to port in Avalon for repairs and was ready just in time for the party to leave for the newly discovered island and their mission for the Marquessa de Bisset and the Explorer’s Society.



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